Welcome to SoPlace 2.0 Summit, the world’s largest congregation of the sense of place industry, with diverse delegates and audiences consisting of leaders, experts, practitioners, consultants, governmental officials,  academicians and other stakeholders. The atmosphere will be energising, challenging and inspiring. The Summit theme “Embracing the Asian Century” highlights that the rise of Asia is an opportunity of our lifetime to promote promote sustainable sense of place initiatives. The Summit will showcase that place making and place branding activities are inextricably linked to biodiversity, people and economy. At the Summit you will have firsthand about new perspectives and ideas that are providing new approach for place making and place branding. Working with communities and governments, and across sectors and country borders, the Summit will demonstrate that it is possible to bring about the changes necessary for a positive future of our place – village, town, city, state, country, region and our world.

The Summit will be attended by over 2,900 delegates from over 120 countries and cities. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone to increase your visibility, leverage on the global media coverage, engage, network and create new collaborations with sense of place industry leaders and other businesses working to meet the current challenges.

[icon name=”check” class=””]  Meet the people that are making sense of place happen in today’s world
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Explore the possibilities and new dimensions of sense of place industry
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Gain insight from the experiences of over 120 countries and cities
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Join us in building a sustainable future of sense of place industry by sharing fresh ideas
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Forge relationships and alliances to face challenges and to seize opportunities
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Check the pulse of the world’s sense of place and engage the fraternity
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Together we empower our capacity in developing sense of place
[icon name=”check” class=””]  Get Involved. Be Recognised. Embracing the Asian Century!