Business attire is required during the SoPlace Summit

Information Counter @ SoPlace.House will assist SoPlace Delegates with general inquiries

For security reasons, Delegate Tag is compulsory for all SoPlace Delegates

Registration Area @ SoPlace.House is the processing centre for all delegate registrations

SoPlace Delegates are encouraged to observe good behaviour during delegate registration

SoPlace.House will distribute the Delegate Pack to all SoPlace Delegates during registration

SoPlace.House will facilitate recording personal preference details by SoPlace Delegates

Sweet and pleasant Volunteers ready to serve SoPlace Delegates @ the SoPlace.House


Located at SoPlace.House, the Information Counters will assist delegates with inquiries on the programmes, transportation arrangement, lost-and-found information, tour arrangements, delegates’ well-being, and etc. Please be informed that the SoPlace Secretariat will start issuing Delegate Tags for registered SoPlace Delegates on the October 27, 2015 (SoPlace2.1) and October 24, 2016 (SoPlace2.2) from 9.00 morning onwards. The delegate registration area is at the respective Official Hotel(s), Hotel Partner(s), and SoPlace.House. Kindly collect your Delegate Tags early to avoid crowding and queuing.


For security reasons, only SoPlace Delegates wearing a valid Delegate Tag will be allowed entry to all SoPlace Summit venues and events. It is also required for meals and shuttle services. Please make sure that your Delegate Tag is visible to our security volunteers at all times. Our security volunteers have been instructed to question anybody without a valid tag. No access will be permitted to all SoPlace Summit venues without a valid tag. Information of lost and damage Delegate Tags must be immediately reported to the Registration Area at SoPlace.House.


The official language and working communication of the SoPlace Summit will be English (American/British). Formal/Business attire is compulsory for all SoPlace Delegates during the SoPlace Summit, except for social and networking events. Smoking is prohibited at the Summit Venues. However, there is an allocated outdoor smoking area.

Materials Distribution

The SoPlace Secretariat will provide all necessary assistance related to the summit. In addition, we are responsible for distribution of summit documents and the Delegate Pack. To support environmental protection efforts, SoPlace Secretariat will endeavor to reduce the production of documents. Only limited quantity of documents will be circulated during the summit and SoPlace Delegates can gain access online.

Meals + Breaks

Breakfast: SoPlace Delegates will have their breakfast at their respective hotels.

Lunch and Dinner: Meals will be provided for all SoPlace Delegates at the SoPlace Market.

Tea break / Refreshments: Tea, coffee and snacks will be available during the morning and an afternoon coffee-break for all SoPlace Delegates.


The SoPlace Expo represents an essential and integral element of the SoPlace Summit, providing SoPlace Delegates and Day Delegates with an excellent platform for networking as well as a perfect opportunity for collaboration and to gain insight of trend-setting ideas. Entrance is complimentary for all registered SoPlace Delegates.


Due to the proximity of the Summit Venue and the hotels, bus shuttles or transportation will be arranged. However, it is an individual responsibility of all SoPlace Delegates to fully abide by the shuttle service schedule. Please check out at the hotel three hours prior to your flights departure time. Please arrange with the respective hotel directly if you wish to extend your stay. Information about transport to the airport is also provided at the Information Counter @ SoPlace.House.

Mobile + Internet

The country code for Malaysia is +60 and the Kuala Lumpur city code is 03. Domestic and international long distance services are available in all hotel rooms, but deposits are required (to be paid at hotel reception desk) to use such services. Please switch mobile phones and other electronic devices to silent/vibrate mode during SoPlace Summit events including dialogues, sessions, press conferences, etc. Complimentary WiFi internet access will be provided to all SoPlace Delegates during the SoPlace Summit.

Media Centre

Journalists can retreat to the Media Centre, where they will have access to all necessary facilities such as internet access, fax, printers and photo copiers as well as refreshments. If journalists need help in interview and press conference arrangements, please contact our Secretariat Personnel at the SoPlace.House.

Banking Hours

If you wish to conduct financial transactions, please be informed that banks in the vicinity of Putrajaya are opened from Monday to Friday: 9.15am – 4.30pm. The banks are RHB Bank, Bank Muamalat, Affin Bank, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Bank Islam, CIMB Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Rakyat, Maybank, and AmBank.

Liability + Insurance

SoPlace Secretariat do not accept liability for individual medical, travel or personal insurance and SoPlace Delegates are strongly advised to make their own arrangements regarding health and travel insurance. SoPlace Secretariat is unable to accept liability for loss or damage occurring to any property or motor vehicle left, deposited, or parked on site. Any reports regarding lost of personal property should be made with the Information Counter @ SoPlace.House as soon as possible, and the Secretariat Personnel on duty or volunteers will endeavor to locate the property in question.


All SoPlace Delegates must make themselves aware of the Fire Procedure notices, which are located throughout the site. These notices contain information as to the action to be taken in the event of discovering a fire, hearing the fire alarm sounders and with regards to the designated areas of assembly after evacuating a building. For any medical emergency please proceed to the Information Counter for immediate attention. Putrajaya Hospital, Serdang Hospital, and National Cancer Institute are located in the vicinity of Putrajaya.