World Sense-of-Place Summit

The inaugural World Summit for Sense-of-Place (SoPlace1.0) was held on 30 October 2013 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Malaysia in conjunction with MyPlaceMyBrand – attended by 589 Global Speakers and Delegates from Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, China, Indonesia, United States of America, Canada, Sweden, Syria, Pakistan, Maldives, India, and Lithuania. As the Founding Organiser of the Summit, Regeneration Collaborative invited various other organisations from time to time to be Co-Organisers and succeeded in developing resources in support of the Summit’s expanding activities over the years. The Summit is now a significant biennial event. It has emerged as a major cross-sector platform for mainstreaming of sense-of-place in the urban century. It is also a leading bridge between the first, second, third, and fourth sectors in this endeavor and a well-recognised ‘glocal’ platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. In 2014, Regeneration Collaborative, Centre for SoPlace, Glocal Coalition, and Arise SoPlace came together to become the Joint-Organisers of the SoPlace2.0.


Regeneration Collaborative “RegenCollab” is an impact enterprise from earth for earth to conceive, create and develop regeneration initiatives and solutions for today’s world. RegenCollab aims to be catalyst for socio-economic renewal by promoting principles of the place regeneration and creative economy through supporting creative industries.

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Centre for SoPlace as think-do-tank aspires to serve as an innovation participatory platform of people, communities, ideas, experiences and places. It is to be critical, imaginative, and pioneering platform where a culture of new tools and solutions backed up by evidence-based research and investigation; SoPlace.Minds, SoPlace.Varsity and SoPlace.Scholars.

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Glocal Coalition is an informal group established in 2013, employing co-operative principles to promote collective platform of self-employed social and civic driven individuals promoting glocalisation “anything global has its locality”. Everyone has a say and everyone receives mutual share of meaningful journey. Glocal Coalition manages the SoPlace Expo series.


Arise SoPlace is a social enterprise made up of highly motivated and cross-disciplinary practitioners specialised in community-place making, management, branding, and marketing driven by values of the fourth sector targeting the millennial generation. Arise SoPlace develops and manages the MyPlaceMyBrand, SoPlace Champions, and MyPlaceMyApps.