Babu Kaji Shrestha


Global Youth Forum for Food, Agriculture & Land is a common forum that facilitates the global partnership and participation of young people at local, national and international level to address food insecurity through country-wise representation and collective advocacy and action — BK Dalit

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Environmentalist, Localist, Conservationist & Developmental Campaigner

BK Dalit is a symbolic and peaceful protest against caste-based discrimination. He is the leading Developmental Campaigner in Nepal. BK is the Founding President of Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW), Founding President of the National Farmer Forum, and Founding Chair of the Prangarik Pathshala. After he founded TNW in 2006, he launched and led “Environmental Conservation Initiative”. He then got actively engaged on advocacy for biodiversity conservation and leading environmental campaigns. His conservation initiatives have been acknowledged and supported by the Parliamentary Committee of Natural Resources and Means including WWF Nepal and IUCN Nepal. In 2010, he conceptualized and designed “Mission Agriculture Campaign”. One of its objectives is to empower and assist further at least 100,000 Nepalese youth for self-employment through technology based commercial agriculture or agricultural entrepreneurship. The pilot project “Youth Agro-entrepreneurship Program” to empower 100 youth was supported by the UN-Habitat. After the UN-Habitat supported-pilot project came to an end, he founded Prangarik Pathshala (Nepal’s first farmer school) to continue or sustain the same program activities.

Till now, his farmer school/team has trained and further supported more than 2000 youth for agro entrepreneurship. He has been running this school under Beneficiaries’ Investment Partnership Agreement and Service model. At the same time, as a Leader of National Farmer Forum Nepal, he has been strongly advocating for the welfare, security of farmers and farmer friendly policies and practices. He has launched and has been leading “Voice for Farmer” Campaign. He aims to be an influential developmental worker for agriculture-based community development, youths’ access to skills, resources and farming land tenure security for the poor and landless. Today, he is widely known as one of the highly influential environmental activists in Nepal. He has participated as a speaker at a number of United Nations’ international conferences. Likewise, he has spoken at a number of international environmental conferences organized by international environmental organizations. He has also worked as a Consultant for national and international projects and institutions. At global level, he is campaigning to end hunger and ensure food security for all.