Dr. Yunsheng-Su


If you live in the country and have two hours to drive to the office, you have less time with your children, and you suffer traffic jams. The new smart home can do so much better — by working from home, with video connections with your co-workers, there’s no need to drive to the office. You get your family back…Before that we’d only been doing research into sustainability and integrated buildings. But when the Sichuan earthquake hit we realized we couldn’t wait any longer. We had to put things into practice.

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Urban Planner, Urban Designer, Urban Innovator & Smart Urbanist

Dr. Su Yunsheng is Chief Engineer for the Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute, a position he has held since 2008. Dr. Su earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree as well as Doctor’s Degree in Urban Planning, Design and Design Theories all from Tongji University. His career at Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute started in 2001 and served as President of Tongji Youth Architects Association. Over the course of his career, he has supervised high-profile urban design projects. He was the Chief Planner Team for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo masterplan; Chief Designer of Angola’s capital Luanda Metro regulatory plan; Chief Designer of Vietnam Xiangang New Town Center Reclamation Project; Chief Designer of Baltic Pearl Concept Plan in St. Petersburg, Russia; and Chief Designer of Zambia-China Lusaka Trade & Economic Subzone masterplan.He has been active in bringing the experience of China’s rapid modernization and its designs to other developing countries.

In 2005, he undertook the task of introducing and promoting the concept of “China Cities” globally. That same year, he co-founded and launched the Urban China Magazine on modern planning and design. In 2008, he formed Etopia as its President, a sustainable construction platform, after the Sichuan earthquake. He put together a one-stop service team made up of the finest young minds at Tongji – urban planners but architects, designers, and materials experts. They’d built their first house in Dujiangyan, the town closest to the epicentre of the earthquake, within a month. Not only can these houses be assembled astonishingly fast, but their constituent parts can be flat-packed and mailed to where they’re needed. He has always been pushing for a smart and sustainable urbanization transition under this cloud era with huge data flow to analyze urban planning projects.